Meet Melody

Melody Kiersz is a Self-Love & Intimacy Coach, Melody KierszInspirational Speaker and Professional Celebrator of Life. She holds a degree in Happiness from the prestigious New York University, is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and a Certified Yoga Teacher through Jungle Yoga Ashram.

Melody’s intuitive work is a combination of healing approaches that address our being on the level of the body, the mind, the heart and the soul by incorporating counseling, breathwork, movement, touch and meditation.

[Photo credit: Magnus Jansheden]

[Photo credit: Magnus Jansheden]

Having overcome these issues herself, Melody specializes in healing our relationship with our sexuality, our bodies, our selves and others, improving body image and self-esteem, increasing our ability to speak up, share, and allow ourselves to feel. As the Founder of Naked Wellness, her goal is to guide you as you peel all those layers of resistance so you can turn yourself on for a life full of health, passion, power, freedom, joy and pleasure.

Based in New York City, Melody offers in-person and long-distance private sessions, and is really passionate about everyone really getting that they are absolutely perfect exactly as they are!

 About Naked Wellness

Melody Kiersz Feel at peace and comfortable in your own skin

[Photo credit: Matt Blum]

Turn yourself on. Shed all inhibitions, self-limiting beliefs and societal/environmental blocks, and give yourself permission to tap into who you really are. Let go of all the reasons why not, and allow yourself to be the embodied, empowered and eminently attractive being you already are, but are covering up.

Allow yourself the health, passion, freedom, joy and pleasure that are your birth right.

The Naked Wellness method is a combination of modern practical tools, mindful sensual movement, and Taoist, Tantric, and dynamic self-love practices that empower us to stop running and hiding from the parts of ourselves we don’t like, and find pleasure in discovering new ways to love ourselves more.

As a result of our growing love and connection to ourselves, we are more comfortable taking risks in our relationships with others, be them personal or professional. Being vulnerable and authentic is no longer so scary. These are the ingredients to build the connection and intimacy (in-to-mee-see) we seek, in any kind of relationship.

Ultimately, this method leads us to find the juice in every moment, making each second into an opportunity for pleasure and connection.

Find out more at

Melody Kiersz Photo by Jesse Johnson

[Photo credit: Jesse Johnson]


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