Learn how to harness the power of your emotions, body, pleasure and femininity so you can break free from your inner critic and emerge as the powerful, self-expressed, fun, fearless, and sensual woman that you are.


By the end of this scrumptious retreat you will feel…

  • Loved and lovable whether you have a partner or not
  • Sexy and attractive no matter what you look like
  • Confident to ask for that raise, contract or investment at work
  • Able to stay relaxed through life’s challenges
  • Able to make the right choices with confidence, identifying and honoring your desires by asking for what you want in a way that gets you heard
  • A sense of ease, support, harmony, and confidence that shows up in your life in the shape of more fulfilling and supportive relationships and getting shit done
  • Deeper connections and intimacy with the important people in your life
  • Able to address the elephant in the room (and knowing when that’s necessary)
  • Turned on to life in a way that makes for a way hotter love and sex life
  • Complete trust in yourself and your ability to handle whatever comes your way
  • You’re perfectly enough and whole as you are, and nothing anyone else says or does will make you forget that


Melody Kiersz Photo by Orin Hahn

[Photo credit: Orin Hahn]

Yes, I’m ready to set myself free! Sign me up!


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