Fall In Love With Your Body

Are you tired of trying to fit in? Fit into your skinny pants or fit other people’s expectations?

Does it feel like you’re always juggling what other people want from you and putting it before your own desires?

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to every woman that crosses your path, whether it’s to her body, her relationship, her sex life or her accomplishments?

Are you scared that if you stop making sure you always look attractive or behave according to others expectations they will think poorly of you and you won’t have the love and life you deserve?

Being a ‘good girl’ will only get us so far, and often leaves us feeling trapped, alone, and like we never get to have what we want.

Aren’t you fed up??

IMG_3731I get it, it’s hard to pursue what you really want in life, when you’ve learned that asking for what you want or putting yourself first means you’re being too selfish, too demanding, too irrational or asking for too much. That to be deserving of love, praise and appreciation, means you need to fight with your body and yourself, and censor your choices of food, activities and words.

How can you allow yourself this freedom, let alone enjoy it, when you’ve been taught to be afraid and ashamed of the very source of your power?

Of your Body. Your emotions. Your sexuality. The very essence of your femininity!

What would you feel like if you were free to say or ask for what you want? If you had the confidence to show the parts of yourself you keep hidden? If you could just stop trying to figure everything out and just relax into ‘just’ being YOU?

Thinking about breaking free, you might get anxious and tense. Perhaps you feel guilty. Afraid of your own power, scared of what might happen if you truly let yourself have this.

belly dancing Melody Kiersz

But you are sick and tired of playing this losing game and want to let yourself out of this cage. You’ve been keeping yourself under wraps, presenting yourself as calm, collected and under control for too damn long. You’re aware that, deep within, there’s a storm of passion, fire and power about to explode. You know it’s there, and you are ready to let her out.

It’s scary and exciting, and you don’t know how to do this without losing yourself.

This is where the power of women, movement and sharing comes in. Join Melody Kiersz and a group of other aspiring fearlessly sensual women, as she guides you in the process of turning yourself on, and learning to love yourself body, mind, heart and spirit.


During this retreat, you will learn how to harness the power of your emotions, body, pleasure and femininity so you can break free from your inner critic and emerge as the powerful, self-expressed, fun, fearless, and sensual woman that you are.


This is for you if you…

  • Love to dance, eat and travel
  • Are ready to reconnect with yourself and your body in a healthy and liberating way
  • Are feeling bottled up and desire a safe space to share
  • Have a great sense of humor
  • Are curious about getting to know yourself better in a fun way

You’ll leave feeling like a gazillion bucks, and with the tools to keep that feeling when you return home.

You’ll leave…

  • Relaxed and reenergized
  • Clear about your needs and desires and able to communicate them
  • Feeling sexy and attractive no matter what you look like
  • Feeling loved and lovable regardless of your circumstances
  • Able to ask for that raise or contract at work
  • Feeling more connected to your friends, family and significant other
  • With a better love and sex life

[Find a full list of benefits here].


Melody Kiersz dance

Dancing from the inside out


This pervasive fight we have with our bodies and ourselves happens every time we have the urge to be bigger than what we think (and are taught) we should be.

It’s not just a physical thing about being smaller. It happens when we want to share our opinion or wear that va-va-voom dress or tell someone ‘no,’ and we stop ourselves for fear of how it will (or won’t) be received.


If you’re ready to set yourself free, you’re invited to join us in Italy, where we will dismantle all this conditioning through dance, self-care and the magic that happens when women get together and share their struggles in support of each other.

The journey is specifically designed so that it’s accessible, yet at the same time transferable to your every day life once you leave the retreat.

  • Sensual movement
  • Delicious Italian food and wine
  • Radical body love
  • Radical Self-Acceptance
  • Emotional alchemy
  • Sharing & support
  • Adventures in the Italian countryside

Some of the stuff we will cover…

  • Reversing your negative body image
  • Supercharging your self-esteem
  • Building your confidence
  • How to eat anything without guilt or worry, and with lots of pleasure
  • Getting in touch with your wilder side
  • Tapping into your life force so you can feel energized no matter what’s going on
  • Getting unstuck and freeing yourself from all the ‘shoulding’
  • Creating support (from the inside out)

Yes, I’m ready to set myself free! Sign me up!

With the ladies from the Orgasmic Woman Retreat in Thailand

With the ladies from the Orgasmic Woman Retreat in Thailand

After attending your retreat, I am happy that I found someone who makes me feel comfortable, adores every part of me and with who I am able to discuss my needs and his.  After feeling phobic and paralysed for so long, I can`t believe this happened to me.  I’m sure that you, and the other wonderful ladies who participated in the retreat, played a large part in propelling me forward and giving me courage to face these fears.  Oh yes, I even sunbathed and swam topless a few times in Spain!  A big thank you for your encouragement, and lots of love!

AM., Spain

I hope you’re feeling as excited and pumped about this as I am!

I have no doubt this will be an epic retreat with a fantastic group of fierce women ready to bust out of their cage, and I can’t wait!

This will be an intimate retreat, only open to up to 12 scrumptious women. Please reserve your spot as soon as possible to make sure you get in.

This sounds amazing! Sign me up!

Date & Location

There’s no better place to journey into our body than Italy.

Held at the beautiful Molino Monacelli villa in Fano, Italy, you will emerge from this retreat as the powerful, sensual, confident woman you’ve been carrying inside.

September 5-12, 2015
Molino Monacelli
Fano, Italy

Brimming with bright passion, fiery sensuality and opportunities to indulge in pleasure, it’s the perfect setting to explore our deepest longings and desires and how we express them.

In Italy, we will get to practice listening to our body to find out what it is we really want, whether it is in the form of food, activities, how we want to feel, or what really matters to us in life.

It’s abundance of mouthwatering foods made with ingredients freshly brought from the farms, it’s gorgeous art and rolling green landscapes, will entice our senses and aid us in reconnecting with our body.

It’s easier to hear when the volume is higher and there are no distractions from our every day life.

That’s why we’re leaving our daily routine behind for a week, and creating a safe and beautiful space where you will be able to listen to that voice within, and unleash the wild, passionate, wise and confident woman within you.

You will leave this retreat refreshed, deeply nourished in every sense of the word, and with the tools to integrate the powerful, expressive and sensual you into your life.

A delicious afternoon at Molino Monacelli

A delicious afternoon at Molino Monacelli

Molino Monacelli Country House

Rated 9.6 out of 10 stars, Molino Monacelli is a beautiful country house surrounded by the Marche countryside, just outside Fano.

Just 1 mile from the Adriatic Sea, 30 miles from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Urbino, 3 hours from Florence, and in the center of the Italian countryside, Molino Monacelli is the perfect peaceful setting to explore Italian beaches, art, history, and food and as well as dive within.

As part of your retreat, you’ll get to enjoy delicious organic meals, visit a market and learn how to make scrumptious Italian fare from the locals, tour the UNESCO World Heritage site of the city of Urbino.

In addition to the daily afternoon break where you can practice tuning into your desires and seeing where your body wants to take you, you’ll also have extended free time to schedule optional excursions including one to my favorite Italian city: Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance and home to art masterpieces by DaVinci, Michaelangelo and Botticelli.

Italy is truly a feast for all the senses, and the perfect place to get in touch with our body, desires, and sensuality!

Yes, I want to love my body! Sign me up!


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